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Jnrlink® foundation is based on a curriculum that uses multi-sensorial and story based learning techniques.
Jnrlink® foundation is based on a curriculum that uses multi-sensorial and story based learning techniques. We have also established strong global partnerships with leading educational institutions, such as the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF), the National Centre for Sustainable Development (NCSD) and Harvard University to further affirm the effectiveness of the learning outcomes of our program.
INNOVATIVE - Science of Learning to support the Art of Teaching
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Jnrlink® has been specifically designed using established scientific research to ensure efforts yield the greatest returns. Research shows that investment in Early Childhood Education yields the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for both students and the economy.
At the same time, joint neurology research by McGill and Oxford Universities suggests that the task of acquiring a second language after infancy stimulates new neural growth and connections among neurons. The learning process further seeks to strengthen children’s long term memory, which is essential in the learning and retention of knowledge.

E.S.P Learning Approach

E: Engaging the Mind – we use language as one of the tools to actively, creatively, and socially engage the mind to result in an enhanced working memory.
S: Stimulating the Senses –multi-sensory learning inputs engage the senses of touch, hearing, and sight as well, fully stimulating the mind and strengthening children’s ability to focus.
P: Practicing Multiple Learning Styles –usage of multiple learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile) varies the learning experience, leading to a child’s success in reading, writing, listening to, and speaking English.
SCALABLE & SUSTAINABLE - Using Technology to Transform Learning
Our holistic solution comprises three key parts. Firstly, our standardized “scripted teaching” system ensures that lessons are consistent, and reduces the dependency on English speaking teachers. This also means that the training time can be relatively short – teachers are prepared to conduct lessons with just 3-5 days of training, allowing a large number of teachers to be trained in a short period of time
Our robust data-based quality management system provides teacher support, quality control, student progress and outcome tracking.
EFFECTIVE - Quantifiable and observable results
Trials were successfully completed from Dec 2016 to April 2017. Jnrlink® underwent trials at two state-owned kindergartens in Xinjiang, China where students had no prior foundation in English.
Our trials sought to demonstrate two capabilities: for students, improved learning abilities and English language skills, and for teachers, reduced workload and stress while maintaining teaching quality.
Results showed that students were able to identify pictures with their English names, pronounce words clearly and accurately, and subsequent tests showed gradual improvement in vocabulary acquisition. Additionally, students displayed an increased ability to focus, better memory acquisition and retention, and greater interest and enthusiasm in studying.
For teachers, Jnrlink® saved them time needed in coming up with curriculum and teaching materials, providing them easy to use tools which reduced stress, allowing them to focus more on their students.
This additional focus helped improve learning outcomes, even where teachers were not proficient in English, thereby increasing the confidence of both students and teachers alike.
At present, the program is roll out in Guizhou and research results conducted by Harvard University will be released in June 2018.
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