Jnrlink® Curriculum is a language learning programme based on Multi-Sensorial Story-Based Learning, founded on studies of how the brain learns, grows and develops. Our English Curriculum is developed based on Cambridge Young Learners English. Our Chinese Curriculum is based on HSK Hanban.
With the use of technology and scripted lessons, Jnrlink® Curriculum is sustainable and scalable as it allows non-native speaking teachers to guide students in learning. Jnrlink® provides effective learning with quality management system and is a self-contained curriculum without the need for internet access.

● The Benefits of Jnrlink® Program

● Gain the ability to read and write with more than 1000 English Vocabulary or 650 Chinese Words

● Encourage use of imagination and creativity through story improvision

● Enhance confidence in self-expression and communication

● Improve clarity of memory and thinking in every aspect of learning

Jnrlink® Curriculum has been designed to help students learn the fundamentals of English or Chinese by infusing story-based content, songs, games and mindmaps into the lessons. With scripted lessons along with songs and games, students can increase their basic vocabulary.
Mindmapping is a powerful graphic technique to unlock the potential of the brain, which allows students to enhance their learning in every aspect of their life. Upon completing the curriculum, students are able to apply their skills and creatively write their own stories in the language of their choice.
Partnership with CDRF
Our Partnership with China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) further reinforces our vision to give every child a life-long foundation for learning.
With CDRF’s endorsement of our programme, the partnership has open multiple doors for us to actively support President Xi’s goal to alleviate poverty through the 2020 plans by focusing on the development of the Education Industry, especially on the provision of early childhood education in rural villages.
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